Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Data is Oil and the API is...Whatever Oil Comes Out Of!

How APIs Help Us Comprehend The Infinite Concept Of Data

"The API has emerged as the means for connecting software and services."  "The API", as opposed to...hacking into someones system and extracting the data in pure binary form?  I don't mean to nitpick; APIs are real, and they're important.  Badly designed APIs (or even a lack thereof) are a horror, and can be a true economic drain.  Ask anybody whose data is locked away in a 00s vintage "data warehouse." Or ask Joshua Bloch, the guru of Java APIs.  But when you say something like:

By itself, data is irrelevant. The enterprise model has demonstrated that software on-premise has limited value when isolated in silos. But connect it with APIs, and transformations can occur that just were not possible before.

You're not saying anything about APIs.  You're saying something about data integration.  If you remove the words "with APIs" from the sentence, the meaning is unchanged, since there's no other way to connect data.  Data integration is the secret sauce.  The API is just the pipe.

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